Yoga and Pilates

The Preneta Physical Therapy Yoga and Pilates programs offer patients a chance to continue to work on their goals in a detailed way, without strict time or session limitations.

Both programs offer group and private sessions taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors who understand injury management and prevention.

Preneta Physical Therapy’s Yoga and Pilates programs provide an opportunity to continue or begin a safe physical conditioning program. These practices can serve as an extension of completed Physical Therapy programs or independent of a Physical Therapy program. In either case, our Yoga and Pilates programs offer each individual a chance to establish a long-term personal plan for physical well-being and continued good health.

Small grooup classes are a fun way to stay healthy while also remaining mindful of individual challenges and needed modifications. Private sessions accelerate learning and also can be used to augment other group exercise experiences.  The individually-tailored sessions take into consideration the client’s unique health challenges, requirements and goals.  In addition to the rehabilitative benefits of Yoga and Pilates, these services also work toward increased self-awareness about postural habits and proper body mechanics that can be applied to daily living. Rather than powering through exercises, our sessions pay particular attention to proper form and breathing to ensure a safe, yet challenging workout.

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed a series of exercises designed to strengthen abdominal and trunk muscles, often referred to as our “core”. Pilates exercises are performed with awareness of spinal position, posture, muscle recruitment and proper breathing. These exercises can be done as a series on the floor, or can be performed on the full circuit of specially designed Pilates equipment.  Once the core muscles have been trained to provide stability to the spine, movement of the extremities is added to work towards greater efficiency and ease.  The system’s main goal is to rebalance the body through stabilization and articulation.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Develops physical capacities of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, agility, and balance, as well as an on-going intelligence about the body
  • Promotes body awareness (proprioception), coordination and improves posture
  • Reduces injury risk by educating the body to work efficiently through balanced muscle recruitment and healthier biomechanics
  • Increases flexibility
  • Develops better muscle tone
  • Emphasis on breathing reduces stress, opens areas of tension, and increases energy level
  • Emphasis on proper form, precision and control stimulates the mind while enhancing overall physical well-being

What is Yoga?

Yoga postures (Asana) challenge a client’s strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, while also encouraging a calm and steady focus.  The instruction not only addresses the physical body, but also the use of breath to listen and find inner stillness even in demanding poses.  Balancing effort and ease, practicing patience, and recognizing that healing is a process, are important yoga principles that complement the rehabilitative process.  This program is a restorative approach to healing from injury or illness, with a focus on safe and healthy alignment.  Our instructors provide detailed instruction and hands-on adjustments while modifying specific poses to meet individual needs. Using yoga blocks, straps, blankets and other props allow clients to feel supported and comfortable in their poses.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Develops physical capacities of strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, agility, and balance, as well as an on-going intelligence about the body
  • Promotes healthy alignment and functioning first, then increased range of motion
  • Encourages efficient movement
  • Quiets our mind so we can see ourselves and our perceived limitations clearly
  • Prioritizes kindness to self and others through non-violence to the body (Ahimsa)