Direct Access


Direct Access to physical therapy is your opportunity to be evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist without first seeing your physician for a prescription/referral. In Connecticut, it’s a state law! No Prescription Required!

How can Direct Access help you?

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN CARE – Sometimes you may experience pain because of an obvious injury like a sprain or a pulled muscle, or the injury is recurring. Direct Access gives you the power to decide when you need physical therapy treatment. 

EXPIDITE TREATMENT, AND THE RELIEF AND RECOVERY THAT FOLLOW – Visiting your physical therapist directly, allows you to start treatment right away, quickly reducing your risk of further injury. Physical therapy is a low-cost, value-packed healthcare service covered by most insurance plans.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Direct Access enables the patient to directly seek the services of a physical therapist, often saving money by cutting out additional provider visits, tests, and referrals to other specialists. Direct Access with Preneta Physical Therapy can help you get back to your previous activity level sooner!

Direct Access is most beneficial when the pain or injury is recurring or is the result of a specific or sports injury because you can begin your treatment right way. By moving you along through your treatment more speedily, you and your physical therapy team achieve results sooner. 

When you come to Preneta Physical Therapy using Direct Access, we communicate your progress with your physician. By the time you see them for your appointment, you are well on your way to recovery. If further treatment is recommended, the physician would give you a prescription for more physical therapy. 

Physical therapists receive extensive education and clinical training in the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and expert treatment of patients with functional limitations, impairments, and disabilities. Physical therapists are qualified to recognize when a patient presents with signs and symptoms outside the scope and expertise of the physical therapist and when the patient should be referred directly to a physician.

To learn more about Direct Access, and whether you may benefit from physical therapy without a prescription, contact us, today!