Personal Training

Personal Training and Post-Rehabilitation Training

Looking to strengthen or build muscle, return to your game, or improve your health. Preneta Physical Therapy’s strength and conditioning program can help.

At Preneta Physical Therapy, you will be assigned a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will help you set up a program that meets your goals, teaches you the best way to exercise, and most important – keeps you motivated. At your first meeting, we will assess your fitness level and set your personal achievement objectives. From there, we will customize a program designed just for you – a program that will work around your schedule so that you can work out at your gym, school, our facility, or at home.

Along the way, you will be provided with education about strength training and conditioning, cardio and basic nutrition, and we will work together to track your progress.

Personal training will assist you in your recovery after physical therapy. If you are reaching your maximum therapeutic benefit, personal training will help you transition to a home/independent exercise program and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

If you have been treated with Physical Therapy in the clinic and are looking to continue to further your rehabilitation, we already know your physical condition and will create a program to continue where your Physical Therapy program left off.

Contact us to learn more about how Preneta Physical Therapy’s Personal Training program can help you.